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Air Vent Cleaning

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Your air vents can become increasingly dirty over time. If they are left for long enough, the stains and marks that set in on them can become really tough to remove. Grease often compounds this effect. Air vent cleaning is vital for maintaining performance, efficiency and hygiene.

Grease Forms the Toughest Dirt Stains

If your vents are in the kitchen, they will be dealing with high volumes of warm and moist air. Vents that are positioned next to cookers will be exposed to steam and warm air that carries some slight levels of grease in it. Over time this builds up and forms dense layers of grease in the surfaces within the ventilation system. This can seem impossible to remove and will require industrial strength techniques to erase. We use tailor made solutions that are comprised of specific compounds. Applying the right mix of agents will ensure pretty much any form of substance can be removed. As well as immediate air vent cleaning, we can also apply protective solutions that help prevent buildup from forming as quickly in the future.

Repairs Almost Always Improve Efficiency

We handle repairs as well as expert cleaning. While sanitizing ducts and vents we check for damage to surfaces and integral parts. If anything is ruined or not working correctly, we can provide replacement parts. Mold in air vents can have lasting and impactful consequences. As well as ensuring your air supply is cleaned effectively, repairs can also mean your vents will last longer into the future without needing to be replaced. A cleaner air supply means a much more comfortable living environment within your building. 

Expert Air Vent Cleaning Services

Call us today if you think your units could benefit from having a thorough professional Air vent cleaning service. If you have never had your systems looked at by an expert and have had them for years, the odds are they will be in pretty bad shape. Ventilation ducts that are blocked or contain large amounts of bacteria are likely to cause odors and become increasingly damaged over time. Let us clean them for you now to avoid further trouble in future.


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